Matérial required

  • 1 pen 
  • The printed « TEST » document (2 pages) - no need to print the ANSWERS document

How does it work ?

1.    Please answer the questions on the TEST document in written (and do not worry about the EMOJI for now)


M1 TEST ENG Edit.docx
Document Microsoft Word 1'002.5 KB

2.   Once you have answered all the questions, open the “ANSWERS” document. Compare your results and the EMOJI that best represents your result



GREEN: I got the right answer

ORANGE : I was quite right


RED: My answer was too incomplete or was wrong

M1 ANSWERS ENG edit.docx
Document Microsoft Word 967.9 KB

3.    Keep this test and bring it to your next meeting with ECPAT. You can then discuss your answers and clarify the elements you wish to clarify.



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