module 1 - sexual exploitation of children


This module will allow you to gain basic but important knowledge on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)



The sexual exploitation of children occur when a person who is usually an adult (but the abuser can also be a minor) sexually abuses a child while at the same time, somebody benefits from this situation, context or relationship. The 'benefit' can be a payment in cash or a gift, food, housing, diplomas, protection or other favors).

Exercise 1 - Definitions: "What is Sexual violence and exploitation?"

Duration Objective Method
5 minutes  Active reading of document: "VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE"   
Violence and sexual violence
violence and sexual violence.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 586.1 KB

Exercise 2 - The three main types of CSE

Duration Objective Method
20 minutes

Be able to present the three main forms of CSE

- Child prostitution

- Child abuse images

- trafficking of children for sexual purposes

Active reading of the three fact sheets below


Fiche prostitution des enfants
Image JPG 255.6 KB
Fiche Images d'abus sexuels d'enfants (pédo pornographie)
Image JPG 254.7 KB
Fiche Traite des Enfants à des fins d'Exploitation Sexuelle
Image JPG 243.7 KB

Exercise 3 - The "demand" for sexual exploitation of children

Duration Objective Method
15 minutes Be able to present basic facts about victims and perpetrators

 - Watch SPEAK OUT video


- Read the fact sheet "abuseurs et exploiteurs"              

Fiche Abuseurs et Exploiteurs
Les abuseurs PDF ecpat.jpg
Image JPG 242.7 KB

Exercise 4 - Child victims

Duration Objective Method
15 minutes Be able to present basic facts about child victims and their situation       

 - Read the fact sheet "Victimes d'ESE"


- Watch video "what happens to a child after he/she suffers sexual abuse"

Fiche "Victimes d'ESE"
Image JPG 257.2 KB

Exercise 5 - The legal framework


Duration Objective Method
10 minutes Be informed and aware that there is a legal framework for the fight against CSE    

 - Active reading of the fact sheet "cadre légal"


- Active reading of the "LegLux Recapitulatif" (in French - optional)

Le cadre légal.docx
Document Microsoft Word 14.7 KB
Document Adobe Acrobat 367.5 KB

Exercise 6 - Recap

Duration Objective Method
10 minutes Understand what child sexual abuse and sexual violence against children is Active reading of the article "But what is Child Sexual Exploitation" written by Hannah from ECPAT Luxembourg.

Optional documents

Des chiffres clés sur l'ESE dans le monde
Chiffres ESEC.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 407.6 KB
FAQs sur l'ESE
Document Adobe Acrobat 459.2 KB

La traite des mineurs à des fins d'exploitation sexuelle en France. Un film documentaire réalisé par François Dupaquier pour ECPAT France

Témoignages enfants victimes prostitution
RAW Livre-témoignages_français-1.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 5.3 MB

Conception et réalisation avec le soutien de HAA , l'agence technique et de création pour les Droits de l'Enfant