module 3 - Sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism


We belong to a world in which millions travel regularly for their studies, work or holidays. In the past 20 years, the phenomenon of Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism has changed and continues to evolve.

There is quite a bit of reading in this module (good luck!) but as you progress, you will see that it features some of the same information already studied in Module 1.

Exercise 1 - What is CSE in travel and tourism?

Duration Objective Method
15 minutes Be able to describe CSE in  travel and tourism  Active reading of pages 10,11 and 12 of the  ALL ABOARD report
All-Aboard youth friendly tourism.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 3.9 MB

Exercise 2 - Who are the victims ? Who is responsible?

Duration Objective Method
30 minutes Be able to list key factors pushing children into sexual exploitation in travel and tourism 

Active reading of pages 32 to 37 of the  ALL ABOARD report (same document as in exercise 1)


Exercise 3 - 'Voluntourism' and vulnerable children

Duration Objective Method
10 minutes Be able to describe risks associated with orphanage tourism

- Active reading of the voluntourism fact sheet


- Video: 5 things you should know about orphanage tourism

Voluntourism ENG.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 270.1 KB

Exercise 4 - Summary and Conclusion

Duration Objective Method
10 minutes Review of exercises       

Watch SPEAK OUT video (English language with German subtitles)


Watch ECPAT Air France video

optional DOCUMENTS

Se vendre aux touristes pour une vie meilleure (Brésil). Un documentaire de 26mn de ECPAT Luxembourg (en Français)

Questions Réponses sur le volontariat en orphelinat (en anglais)

Document Adobe Acrobat 246.3 KB

Conception et réalisation avec le soutien de HAA , l'agence technique et de création pour les Droits de l'Enfant