4 learning modules

The Internal Toolkit is composed of 4 modules:


- Module 1: Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)


- Module 2: CSE online


- Module 3: CSE in travels and tourism


- Module 4: being a peer educator


Each module usually requires between 45 to 90 minutes of work. We recommend that you complete 1 or 2 modules per week. Completing the learning module should take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. 


Each module is composed of various exercises to be read (documents) or watched (videos). There are a number of optional documents providing additional information that you might also want to look at.

Module 1 = Self-evaluation 1

At the end of each module you will complete an auto test (it takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete the test). 

Active reading and video watching

It is recommended to "actively" read and watch the information material. That means, for each piece of material (whether text, image or video), we recommend you note down: 


- KEY POINTS: The information that to you, seem the 'most important' (we recommend a list of no more than 5 bullet points).


- ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE: In case some of the information was unclear or confusing or if you would like further information on some of the topics.

Taking notes: You can choose where you want to make notes, be it your phone, tablet, PC, notebook or a sheet of paper. 


Just use the medium that you like best and makes you most comfortable!

Work with the ECPAT Luxembourg team !

You must have a minimum of two meetings with a staff member of ECPAT Luxembourg. You will probably meet with Fabienne Becker, the Awareness and Advocacy Project Manager.



26 27 08 09

621 385 095

1. The first meeting: to explain to you how the toolkit works and answer any questions you might have.


2. The second meeting: a 'debriefing' or 'to touch base' after completing the 4 learning modules. Here you can use your notes and self-evaluation to guide you through the discussion. 

Whenever possible, work in groups

You can take this learning journey on your own or in groups of 2,3 or 4 people. We recommend you work as a group if possible.


The documents and videos are mainly in English but some might be in French. If you have any problems due to your language not being available, please let us know and we will make sure to find the information you need in the relevant language.

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